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Registered Democrats and town residents are encouraged to attend Hebron’s DTC meetings.

The next meeting will be held as listed below..


Hebron Democratic Town Committee


Meeting:  7:00pm on the Third Tuesday

Hebron Town Office Building

The Hebron Democratic Town Committee is scheduled to hold its monthly
meeting on the following dates beginning at 7:00pm at the
Hebron Town Office Building, Lower Level Community Room,
15 Gilead Street, Hebron, CT (except as noted below)

All Town Democrats and Community residents are welcome to attend.


February       19
March           19

April              16
May               21  UPDATED

June              18    

July               17  Date change: CAUCUS today 17th     
August           20       

September     18  Date change: Note - Wednesday.  Location: Town Hall (updated)
October         15

November      19

December      17  


January         21     


If you are interested in becoming a member of the HDTC please contact our HDTC Chairperson.

Should you have any other questions also please contact the HDTC Chairperson,

Tiffany Thiele at:

Contact us...

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