Geoff Davis

Hebron Board of Education

I am currently running for a full 4 year term to continue my service on the Hebron Board of Education.  Since March 2015 I have been serving on the Hebron Board of Education filling a vacant seat.  During that time, I have been a strong supporter and advocate for students, teachers, parents and the Hebron Public Schools.

My interest in serving on the Board of Education stems from wanting to give back to the Hebron community that has embraced and welcomed myself, my wife and bi-racial son without question.  In addition, I would like to continue to contribute in an area of my expertise, educating and advocating for children and their families. By profession, I am a certified K-12 School Counselor in the Southington Public School System who also possesses Connecticut Professional Counselor Licensure. I hold professional memberships in the National Educational Association and the Connecticut Education Association. As a professional educator, I have 4 guiding principles: (1) Ensuring students receive the best education possible, (2) assisting students in developing self-advocacy, (3) building and maintaining strong working relationships with parents/guardians and (4) increasing student’s awareness of their potential. Most importantly, having worked in a public school system for 18 years, I am knowledgeable in what is needed to develop a positive school culture that is ideal for learning.

In addition to my passion for the field of education, I have a vested interest in the Hebron Public Schools as my son, Geoffrey “Max” Davis is a third grader at Hebron Elementary School. If selected for the Board of Education, I would bring my professional educator expertise to the position and would focus on developing positive working relationships with teachers, students, parents, school administrators, town government and the Hebron Community as a whole.


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