Dear Hebron Neighbor,

The Hebron Democratic Town Committee is committed to bettering the quality of life in the town of Hebron, in the state of Connecticut, and within our nation.

We are striving to uphold individual dignity, while working to preserve and promote the sense of community, which makes us one. The Town Committee is working to establish a town, state and national government that speak directly and honestly to its constituents, and hold that the ethic of public service must rise above that of self-service.

We believe that the role of government is to provide a safety net for all citizens while also maintaining fiscal accountability to the public at large.

The Hebron Democratic Town Committee is committed to the principles of the Connecticut State Democratic Party Core Values and pledges that as a political entity it will consistently strive to achieve the promise of opportunity for today and the years ahead.

The Committee



Here in Hebron there are several different opportunities for you to become a volunteer serving on behalf of the Democratic Town Committee.

You may want to request endorsement so that your name may be submitted to the Town for appointment consideration to any one of the many Boards, Commissions and Committees that have current vacancies.

You may want to seek nomination and endorsement consideration so that you may run as a Democratic candidate in future elections or seek nomination and appointment consideration to the DTC for any future open DTC position.

Your personal involvement can make a significant difference in the way the Town develops its future direction and/or the way in which our Town responds to the needs and responsibilities that are mandated and/or determined by town charter, local ordinance or state and/or federal statutes.

Volunteering is a true exercise of your civic duty, and by applying the skills that you have due to educational and/or life or employment experience you aid the Town in its efforts to sustain and improve our quality of life.

Please Join us today...

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