Wendy Oakes

Candidate for Hebron Board

of Education






On the sidelines, at concerts, and events, I have been blessed to meet many community members who, like I, cherish our little town.  As a 22 year resident of Amston, I remember when Hebron’s schools did not yet have the K-2 and 3-6 configuration.

How far as a town we have come! Over the last two decades, the Hebron BOE has worked to not only unite its students but consistently provide high-quality programming as well. As a candidate for the Hebron BOE, I would be honored to continue this work.

As an Elementary educator for 25 years, I know first-hand the daily successes and challenges of today’s classrooms. With the new State and National curricular mandates for students, I believe Hebron has done a tremendous job blending both such demands while maintaining the essence of childhood. Our three children- Evan(19),Olivia  (12) and Jay (9)- have thrived at Hebron’s schools.

From Special Education support to enrichment programs, Hebron’s teachers and administration have worked to provide the best possible experience for our children. Our family is grateful and looking forward to giving back to the community.

Increasing parental involvement, ensuring teachers have the resources necessary, while maintaining fiscal responsibility are issues that are of central importance to the residents of Hebron, myself included.

I am proud to be endorsed by the Democratic Town Committee and look forward to the privilege to serve on the Hebron BOE.




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