Carla Pomprowicz

Town Clerk






For those who may not know me I am Carla Pomprowicz and I appreciate your endorsement and continued support of my position as Hebron Town Clerk.
As I look back it’s hard to believe seventeen years have passed since the Democratic Town Committee endorsed me the very first time.  
I have learned quite a bit about public service and town clerk duties since taking office in 1999.  I am pleased with the accomplishments and strides made in the clerk’s office during this time.  The vaults have been completely reorganized and a records retention plan is now in place to help us optimize space, the land record system is automated and these records are available on line, we have codified the Town Charter and Ordinances, continue to make progress with the Hebron Historical Record Collection, and elections are running smoothly.  During my tenure I have enjoyed serving as VP (4 yrs) for the Tolland Town Clerks Association and on many committees including Charter Revision, Bifurcation Study Committee as well as the Hebron 300th Anniversary Celebration Committee.  Outside of the clerk’s office I serve on the Board of Directors for AHM Youth and Family Services, Mentored through the AHM Lanterns program, hold an office in the New Hebron Cemetery Association, work on an oral history projects with Hebron residents, serve as President of a non-profit called Bolokada and Friends Village Project which benefits a small village in Guinea West Africa.
I believe I have represented the Democratic Party and the Hebron Democratic Town Committee well in my service to the town.  I take my office seriously, enjoy all aspects of town clerk duties and do what I can to enhance life in Hebron for others.    
Carla A. Pomprowicz
Hebron Town Clerk




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