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Mal (Malcolm) Leichter moved to Hebron in 1974.  Mal and his wife Maryanne built a home on Wellswood Road and have lived there since 1978.  They raised their children Betsey 35 and Will 31 who are both RHAM and UCONN graduates and successful in their personal careers.

Mal graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education in 1974.  Upon graduation he assumed a teaching position at Illing Jr. High School in Manchester, Connecticut.  Mal also coached soccer while at Illing and volunteered his time after school to work with students in a variety of activities.    In 1982 Mal earned a Masters of Science in Communications and Instructional Media from Central Connecticut State University.  

In 1977, Mal had his first “taste” of private enterprise forming a house renovation and construction business with two partners.  “In this business we all learned the value of hard work and teamwork” Leichter says.  “This was also where I began to learn the ‘Art’ of interpersonal skills and the value of a buck”.  From a fiscal perspective operating a business has many similarities to operating a town budget.  There are limited resources available and you must live within what’s there.

Mal had the opportunity to join the IBM Company in Hartford in 1982.  “It was a difficult decision to leave teaching but I was drawn by the excitement and challenge of a ”high tech” company of the 80’s.”
Mal entered IBM in an administrative position and quickly moved through the ranks to technical, technical   management, and consulting positions.  As a technical manager Mal managed the banking industry customers throughout Connecticut who used IBM Computers and high speed check processing equipment.  It was his responsibility to ensure his customers were “Up and Running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day”.  Mal also had the financial responsibility of protecting and growing a 3.5 million dollar revenue stream for services and consulting his team provided.  In 1993 Mal became a technical consultant for a small group of national  high end computing customers.  His role was to help customers achieve continuous availability of their business systems.  This position involved the acquisition and management of  major investments in technology as well as  technical and management consulting.  As a result Mal traveled throughout all of New England and New York working with technical customers and business executives and helping them focus on their common goal of growing their businesses.
In 1996 Mal accepted the position as the Director of Business and Technology for the Lebanon Public Schools where he is responsible for all of the financial aspects of a $17 million dollar budget.  He brings his expertise of business and finance,  high technical competencies, and background in education to his current role.   Lebanon is a fiscally conservative town and Leichter has managed budgets that have minimal increases each year.  
Mal retired for his multiple careers in 2011 and has filled his life with family and volunteer activites since his retirement.

Managing a town or Board of Education finances  requires keeping an eye on spending on a daily basis and being able to say no.  It also requires the skills to trade off  newly recognized expenditure needs with the resource made available in May by town vote.  Going back to the “well” for additional appropriations was  NOT an option for Leichter.
Under his watchful eyes the Lebanon Schools maintained their status and continue to grow slowly.  He was able to maintain growth through aggressive negotiations with vendors and partnerships with suppliers.  Mal  aggressively pursued grants which have defrayed many costs for the town.  He also uses his extensive technology background to purchase the most cost effective technology and  was able to maintain the technology without employing expensive consultants.  Because of his expertise in technology, Lebanon is among the leaders in the state of Connecticut and has been published nationally for their accomplishments in the utilization of technology.

Mal is currently a three term incumbent on the Hebron Board of Finance.  Over the past 12 years we have worked to minimize increases and still provide what the town needs.  We have demanded that honest budgets be prepared and delivered to the voters for approval.  During my term we have all but eliminated supplemental appropriations for pet projects which was a standard way of doing business for many years.  Mal prides himself in the fact that he has participated in a totally non-partisan manner while on the Board of Finance.  “We simply do what is fiscally responsible for the Hebron tax-payers”.  He is also the past Vice Chairman and current Chairman of the Capital Improvement Program Committee (CIP).  

Mal’s work and life experiences make him an excellent candidate to continue his tenure on the Hebron Board of Finance.  He knows the world of private industry.  He has worked in the world of education and has successfully worked in the world of public finance.  Most importantly, he is intimately familiar with running a town.  Prior to his retirement he was managing all fiscal and business aspects for the Board of Education for the town of Lebanon.  He understands municipal government laws, auditing requirements, and relationship management by working with other towns to their mutual benefit and the intricacies of municipal finance.  He is fiscally conservative but is willing to spend money where it is necessary.  He knows that the right way to keep a town growing is to expand its tax base and to budget efficiently.

“I bring a well rounded background to the Position of Board of Finance.  Future decisions will paint the face of Hebron for years to come.  Well thought out decisions now will help continue our growth in a responsible manner.  I have the tools and knowledge to make those decisions”




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